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Gorditas Durango

Gorditas Durango

gorditas M

Gorditas de maíz o harina hechas a mano llenas con su selección de los ingredientes
Hand-made corn or flour gorditas filled with your choice of ingredients
Chorizo con Papas $ 2.25
Mexican sausage with potatoes
Cuajada y Rajas $ 2.25
Fresh crumbling cheese and poblano peppers
Requesón con Rajas $ 2.25
Curd cheese with poblano peppers
Carne Deshebrada $ 2.40
Shredded Beef
Chicharrón Prensado $ 2.40
Marinated pressed pork skin with sauce
Asado de Puerco $ 2.25
Pork meat in red sauce
Papas Con Rajas y Queso $ 2.25
Potatoes with poblano peppers and cheese
Puerco con Nopales en Salsa Roja $ 2.25
Pork meat with cactus slices in red sauce
Nopales $ 2.25
Cactus Slices
Frijoles con Queso $ 2.25
Beans with Cheese
Quseo $ 2.25
Papas con Queso $ 2.25
Potatoes with Cheese
Carne Asada $ 2.25

Gorditas de harina a $ 2.75 c/u
con su ingrediente favorito.
Hand-made flour gorditas are $ 2.75 each
with your choice of ingredients.




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